Smoke-Free Housing: For Landlords

This is a resource to encourage and assist landlords and property managers to create more smoke-free options for Nova Scotians living in rented apartments and other rented multi-unit housing (apartments or basement suite within a house, row house or townhouse.

While provincial laws provide Nova Scotians with protection from second-hand smoke where they work, eat and play, many people are still being exposed to unwanted second-hand smoke where they live.

Despite strong public support and demand for smoke-free homes, there is a critical shortage of smoke-free rental units for Nova Scotians who want and need to live smoke-free.

Adopting a no-smoking policy is legal, easy to do, and it’s an exciting marketing opportunity for landlords who want to take advantage of this untapped market.

A recent Canadian review of research evidence provides more information about the impacts of smoke-free housing. It can be found here.

Whether you are concerned about the health of your residents, tired of responding to complaints about unwanted second-hand smoke, or simply want to reduce the fire hazard and clean up costs associated with buildings that permit smoking, it may be time to consider going smoke-free.

The importance of smoke-free multi-unit housing

Resources for landlords

How-to Guide: Smoke-Free Policy for Existing Building

How-to Guide: Smoke-Free Policy for New Building

A Rental Property Owners’ and Condo Corporations’ Guide to Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing