Smoke-Free Housing: For Housing Co-Ops

While provincial laws provide Nova Scotians with protection from second-hand smoke where they work, eat, and play, many people are still being exposed to unwanted second-hand smoke if they live-in multi-unit housing, including housing co-ops.

Smoke-free housing is about increasing options for smoke-free living.

Despite public support for smoke-free homes, there has been a critical shortage of smoke-free housing co-ops for Nova Scotians who want and need to live smoke-free.

In April 2011, the Province adopted a comprehensive tobacco control strategy, Moving Toward a Tobacco-Free Nova Scotia. In this document, Article 4.18 encourages landlords and condominium corporations to voluntarily provide smoke-free housing options to Nova Scotians. Co-ops are encouraged to consider taking similar action.

There is a strong societal trend toward smoke-free living. A non-smoking lease is an exciting marketing opportunity for housing co-ops who want to take advantage of this untapped market. As the public becomes more aware of the dangers of exposure to second-hand smoke, they are no longer willing to breathe other people’s smoke in their own home.

A recent Canadian review of research identifies a number of impacts related to smoke-free housing policies. Read the review here.

As housing co-ops become smoke-free, we hope they will register the smoke-free building on our online Smoke-Free Housing Registry. This may help if you wish to move from a co-op where smoking is permitted to one that is smoke-free.

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