Smoke-Free Housing: For Condo Corporations

While provincial laws provide Nova Scotians with protection from second-hand smoke where they work, eat and play, many people are still being exposed to unwanted second-hand smoke if they live-in multi-unit housing, including condominiums.

Smoke-free housing is about increasing options for smoke-free living.

Despite public support for smoke-free homes, there has been a critical shortage of smoke-free condominium complexes for Nova Scotians who want and need to live smoke-free.

The Registrar of Condominiums for Nova Scotia announced in 2013 that condominium developers are permitted to designate their corporations as 100% smoke-free, including the units, if they so choose. Such designation would need to be appropriately covered in the Declaration and By-Laws at the time of registration.

In April 2011, the Province adopted a comprehensive tobacco control strategy, Moving Toward a Tobacco-Free Nova Scotia. In this document, Article 4.18 encourages landlords and condominium corporations to voluntarily provide smoke-free housing options to Nova Scotians.

In light of this development, and with the involvement of Healthy Communities-Public Health, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, and Public Health Services, Capital Health, the Registrar announced:

Provided that the appropriate amending provisions of the Condominium Act are followed, an existing condominium corporation may designate itself as smoke-free.

There is a strong societal trend toward smoke-free living. A non-smoking declaration and by-law is an exciting marketing opportunity for condominium developers and corporations who want to take advantage of this untapped market. As the public becomes more aware of the dangers of exposure to second-hand smoke, they are no longer willing to breathe other peoples’ smoke in their own home.

A recent Canadian review of research identifies a number of impacts related smoke-free housing policies. Read the review here.

As condominium corporations become smoke-free, we hope they will register the smoke-free building on our online Smoke-Free Housing Registry. This may help if you wish to move from a development where smoking is permitted to one that is smoke-free.

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