Vaping Engagement Competition


This competition is a unique opportunity to submit a short video (e.g., YouTube, Instagram, TikTok; 5 minutes or less), poster, or infographic that presents a clear, evidence-based message to the general public about vaping in Nova Scotia.

This competition will be accepting submissions from any individual living in or any organization based in Nova Scotia. Group submissions are welcomed. The content used in the video, poster, or infographic must be related to the findings of previous Smoke-Free Nova Scotia research projects. A summary of this evidence can be found here.

Successful submissions will be posted on Smoke-Free Nova Scotia’s website and shared through social media channels of partner organizations (e.g., The Lung Association of Nova Scotia). The content of the submissions should be engaging and easily understood by someone without knowledge of research.


Prizes for the best submissions will be awarded based on the evaluation criteria (see below).

1st place$300
2nd place$200
3rd place$100

How to apply

Applicants should first complete the registration form (click here). Within two business days of receiving your completed registration form, we will email you with instructions for how to upload your submission. Submissions are due by March 1, 2022.

Evaluation criteria

Relevance (35%)Submission successfully presents evidence-based research findings by Smoke-Free Nova Scotia from the provided information sheets
Accessibility (25%)The content of the submission is delivered in a language that can be understood by the general public
Creativity (25%)The overall originality of the submission: use of original ideas, illustrations, style, etc.
Quality/Visual appearance (15%)Appearance, sound, image quality, duration, spelling