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Smoke-Free Nova Scotia

Smoke-Free Nova Scotia

The Coalition for a Smoke-Free Nova Scotia is a provincial coalition committed to the achievement of a tobacco-free Nova Scotia. Our goal is the elimination of tobacco use in Nova Scotia.

This website provides information and resources to help increase public awareness of tobacco and health issues. Please use the menu on the left to explore the website.

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News Updates


Government of Nova Scotia proclaims the Nova Scotia Tobacco Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act


September 26, 2014


Smoke Free Nova Scotia applauds the Liberal Government as they announce steps to launch a lawsuit against the tobacco industry.


The Government of Nova Scotia has proclaimed The Nova Scotia Tobacco Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act.  This enables the province to launch legal action against the tobacco industry to recover the costs of treating tobacco-related illnesses resulting from unlawful activities to increase tobacco use.


"It is great to see that Nova Scotia is joining other Canadian provinces in pursuing legal action to recover health care costs from tobacco manufacturers," SFNS President Krista McMullin said.  "This Act gives the government the legal authority to launch a lawsuit on behalf of the people of Nova Scotia."


Tobacco is the number one preventable cause of death in Nova Scotia.  While the lawsuit will seek cost recovery, it is hoped that lawsuit recovery monies will be allocated to sustain and advance our comprehensive tobacco control efforts here in the province.   These recovery monies could protect Nova Scotians from the harms of the tobacco industry, reduce smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke especially among our youth population as well as make cessation support available to those trying to quit.  “It is time that we hold the tobacco industry accountable for the damaging effects of its products on the health of all Nova Scotians,” McMullin said.  Reducing tobacco use demands a comprehensive and a sustained effort.



Smoke Free Housing NS Website seeks Smoke Free buildings for free registry


August 2014



Looking for smoke-free housing or ways to become smoke-free?  Want to register your smoke-free property? Visit our smokefreehousing website for more information.


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Smoke-free Nova Scotia (SFNS) proposes a tobacco manufacturing licensing fee to fully recover the cost of a comprehensive tobacco control strategy for the province. A licensing fee is a cost neutral way for the province to fund programs to help people stop using tobacco and prevent or reduce use by others. 

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For information on Nova Scotia Provincial Tobacco Control Legislation click here.

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